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Hello TWOGC, I've been watching your videos online now, and I really like the honest, truthful teaching.  You all do a lot of ministering on Unholydays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc).  While growing up I did celebrate these events, I'm now convinced that many of these have pagan origins.  One thing I haven't heard discussed is the celebration of Birthdays.  Growing up, I too felt like something was wrong with birthday celebrations (and it wasn't just because my presents were usually no good). As I grew older, I felt that birthday celebrations were just an excuse to celebrate a pagan astrological sign. I've noticed that most people do wicked things on their birthday, I've never been to a birthday party where someone consecrated themselves, or where someone rededicated themselves to God, rather, there is usually wild partying, drunkenness, immoral sex acts, and other forms of wicked behavior. After doing some research on various sites such as Are Birthday Celebrations Christian.  I found that birthday celebrations actually stem from pagan roots as well.  TWOGC, what is your stand when it comes to birthday celebrations.  I have to admit that I have agreed with  all of your teachings so far, but I want to get a clearer detailed perspective on what you guys stand on before I consider being integrated fully into your leadership.


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Thanks for watching and just to let you know We have don't teach against birthdays, just sin! if a person decides that they want to drink,smoke, have sex[not married] lie, cheat and steal it is sin! but to have dinner with friends and celebrate your birthday I don't have bible at this time.

Thanks again

Pastor Tony Smith
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