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To view all of the sermons from Pastor Elder Tony Smith and the other Ministers, you can either go to their personal page or to the video library page on the website.

Other Sermons/Events

Trial Sermons Pentecost

The Jones' Wedding

July 2009 Sermons

Pastor Smith 07/25/09

Pastor Smith 07/29/09

Pastor Smith 07/31/09

August 2009 Sermons

Pastor Smith 08/29/09

Pastor Smith 08/28/09

Pastor Smith 08/22/09

Pastor Smith 08/22/09

Pastor Smith 08/21/09

Pastor Smith 08/19/09

Pastor Smith 08/14/09

Pastor Smith 08/12/09

Pastor Smith 08/08/09

Pastor Smith 08/07/09

Pastor Smith 8/26/09

Pastor Smith 08/05/09

Pastor Smith 08/01/09

September 2009 Sermons

Pastor Smith 09/02/09

Pastor Smith 9/26/09

Pastor Tony Smith 09/27/09

Pastor Tony Smith 09/25/09

Pastor Smith Feast of Trumpets 09/19/09

Pastor Smith 09/05/09

Pastor Smith 9/16/09

Pastor Smith 09/12/09

Pastor Smith 9/11/09

Pastor Smith 9/09/09

Minister Sheldon Jones 09/03/09

Minister Sheldon Jones 09/18/09

October 2009 Sermons
Pastor Tony Smith 10/02/09 (not on megavideo)
Minister Sheldon Jones 10/03/09 (not on megavideo)

 Minister Malcom 10/04/09 (not on megavideo)

Minister Damon Jones 10/05/09

Minister Sims 10/6/09

Minister Zachariah 10/07/09

Minister Hall 10/08/09

Minister Miller 10/09/09

Pastor Tony Smith Last Great Feast Day 10/10/09

Pastor Tony Smith 10/16/09

Pastor Tony Smith 10/21/09

Pastor Tony Smith 10/23/09

Pastor Tony Smith 10/24/09



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